MY STORY: Simona is a licensed clairvoyant consultant and intuitive life coach.  Born and raised in the Czech Republic, she started yoga practice at an early age and developed a deep intuitive connection to animals and nature.  Over the past 15 years, she studied and practiced indigenous wisdom and shamanic practices all over the world. Along with being in corporate finance for 16 years,  she graduated from a clairvoyant and energy healing program at Berkeley Psychic Institute in California and manifested natural healing miracles in her life and others. With playfulness and joyous approach through music, ecstatic dance and sacred ceremonies, Simona’s gift is to help her clients experience the unseen spiritual world and understand their own truth. She accomplishes this by helping them tune into their own intuition, which brings them to know the greatest joy in life from where they create their own path and grow into their highest selves.

My serious knee injury was a wake up call and taught me values in life. I healed my torn ACL in my knee, torn ligament in my shoulder, and my heart. I learned from top experts about personal growth and the spirit world to help myself heal. I found happiness, balance, a purposeful life and manifested many natural healing miracles in my life.

I have been helping others make huge shifts in every area of their lives for years and I know this is my true calling. I am determined to share these secrets with you, help you reconnect with your intuition, inner joy and find clarity in your life. My rocketing success project was showing people how to open their hearts and experience the unseen spiritual world on my retreats in Bali. Also, organizing and holding space for Sacred Ecstatic Dances in Boulder, CO has been transformational for many people. By bringing spirituality into business and their personal lives, people influence the world around them in a positive way and get on with creating the most miraculous lives possible.

VALUE:  With gentleness and playfulness I inspire people to step into their power and be guided to make extraordinary choices. I make it easy and fun for people to understand the intangible, hard to grasp spiritual concepts, so you can experience your own spiritual connection and bring it into your life and office. I am determined to help you reconnect with your intuition, inner power, find clarity and joy in your life.

MY COMMITMENT: I believe you are eager to improve the quality of your life, live full on with power and make a huge difference in the world.

Oh, and one more important characteristic of mine. I am far from perfect. I don’t always have the answers. However, I commit to show up and bring the very best of what I have within me, be honest and keep your information confidential. My core purpose is helping you tune into your intuition, be guided by your higher self and enjoy your happiness and personal freedom. My desire for you is to live a healthy, happy, powerful life, see clearly where you are going and manifest your dreams.

How can we work together
We can work together as individual one-on-one Intuitive Consulting Sessions, ongoing more intensive collaboration or you can join the ‘30-day Spiritual Contact Program’ which includes three one-on-one sessions, weekly webinars, teaching videos, recorded guided meditations and PDF’s.