Detox For Vibrant Health

When I had my knee injury, a torn ACL, I decided to do a 30-day full body detox. After the detox, I felt 15 years younger, like I was a teenager again. I felt rejuvenated, refreshed and restored to my healthy self. I looked trimmed and my skin was glowing.  Body detoxification is very important […]

The GREAT Domino Effect of a Meditation

Often we witness people running around, speaking fast and without focus. It seems as they are stressed and disconnected from the world around them. It may feel a bit disturbing to others as well. How can you cope with being in a stressful environment and stay calm, peaceful and content yourself? One of the answers […]

The Simplicity of Healing and Nature

Allow me to share with you how I naturally healed my fully torn ACL ligament in my knee, torn labrum in my shoulder and chronic tendinitis in my Achilles tendon. This information is a guide and hopefully an inspiration for your healing journey. These techniques can be invaluable in healing both chronic conditions (such as […]

Eating Less Leads To Vitality

Europeans centuries ago knew about the secret to longevity and good health in eating less and eating the health-promoting foods. Particularly in France, they lived long healthy lives because they were eating smaller portions of food. The other benefit to systematic undereating is that it will keep you slim! Even today we know that overeating […]

The Power of Mental Control

Would you like to be a powerful person whom other people love to be around? Silent power is a charisma that gradually grows and develops around people. Through your silent power you can bring goodness to other people and this world. People like controlled strength because it makes them feel safe and supported. Become truly […]

BECOME Your Higher Self

Gain a stronger sense of your inner being. Everybody can get closer in touch with who they are. Even you! One of the secrets to inner strength and confidence is a good sense of your inner self. Connect to your inner being! It is the wise teacher that is inside of you. Imagine yourself talking […]