Intuitive Counseling Sessions

Receive an Intuitive Counseling Session with a professional expert.

Let’s take a look how you are doing on your spiritual path, what is supporting you and holding you back. Find out what works for you, how to stay guided on your spiritual path and how you personally communicate with the spirit world. How do you perceive the messages that your spirit guides and the universe are sending you?

Are you ready to make changes and transformations but aren’t sure what your next step is?

Curious about how Simona can help you accelerate your spiritual evolution?

I can support you and show you how you can connect with your own intuition so you make important life decisions at ease.

Sign up for a consultation. I am here to serve you as an intuitive coach and can help you access your innate wisdom, align with your higher purpose and see clearly what to do.

Connect with spirit and live in joy!

This is a soul session. This is an investment in your own spiritual, mental and emotional self. 

You & I become a team. We work together with Spirit to bring you the messages, healing and guidance you need to embark on a fantastic journey and release anything that no longer serves you.

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