Intuitive Business Consulting

Intuitive Business Consulting
Providing intuitive business consulting on the mission and vision statements for companies
Writing Executive Summary and Business Plan for your business
Developing a marketing plan for your business
Assisting fund raising
Assisting in resolution of conflicts between business partners and employees
Consulting on business development and expansion

“This is how you can take your business success and personal happiness to the next level by being guided by your higher self, using your intellect and your intuition.”

Do you want to:
make clear & successful decisions?
increase fulfillment in your career?
connect on a new level with your colleagues?

Achieve TOP Results:

Clear Vision and Easy Concentration
Successful Decisions
Improved Health and Vitality
Released Emotions (fear, anxiety…)
Increased Productivity and Time Efficiency
Effective Communication

“As a result of working with Simona, I was able to overcome my aversion to conflict and resolve a long standing dispute with my business partner. Things are great now!” Chris, Business Consultant

“My journey with Simona was extraordinary. I have experienced amazing openings in my life within a quick period of time. She opened me up to my belief in the unseen through a playful process and inspired me to connect with my purpose and heart calling.” Julie, Consultant

Topics with New Edge Using Your Intuitive Abilities:

Healthy Diet
Clean Workspace
Mental & Emotional Clarity
Inner Power & Intuition
Constructive Communication
Decision Making
Time Management

Live Webinars
Private Consultations

“I have been helping others make huge shifts in every area of their lives. I am determined to share these secrets with you, help you reconnect with your intuition, inner power, find clarity and joy in your business.” Simona

Simona is an Intuitive Business and Consciousness Consultant. Born and raised in the Czech Republic, started yoga practice at an early age and developed a deep intuitive connection to animals and nature. Over the past 15 years, she studied and practiced all over the world indigenous wisdom and shamanic practices. With a degree in Finance from Santa Clara University, she worked in the Hedge Fund business and investment banking for the last 17 years and successfully raised millions of dollars. Along with being in corporate finance, she graduated from an energy healing program and manifested natural healing miracles. With playfulness and joyous approach, Simona’s gift is to help her clients experience the unseen spiritual world and understand their own truth by tuning into their intuition that brings them to know the greatest joy in life and from where they create their own path in business and grow into their highest selves.