30-day Spiritual Contact

How can we work together

  • Intuitive Clairvoyant Consulting: If you want to work with me individually one-on-one you can schedule a session. OR
  • Join the ‘30-day Spiritual Contact Program’ which includes three one-on-one sessions, weekly live webinars, teaching videos, recorded guided meditations and PDF’s. Join the group and connect with our community. 

    The 30 day ‘Spiritual Awakening Program’ is for people who are eager to learn about personal growth. It will guide you how to Become Successful in Business, Increase Personal Happiness and Build Beautiful Legacies …Making a World of Difference.

The Spiritual Awakening Program is an online 30 day group mentoring journey, that connects you with other luminaries from around the world, to Align to Nature, Connect with Spirit, Intuitive Guidance, Joy and Love, Empower Your Journey to Clarity and Power. Achieve Financial, Spiritual, Emotional and Relational Success in Your Life and Business and Personal Life. Build Beautiful Legacies Making a World of Difference.

The 30 day ‘Spiritual Awakening Program’ is for people who are on their spiritual path or would like to be aligned with their own guidance. It will guide you how to Become Successful in Personal Life & Business, Increase Personal Happiness and Build Beautiful Legacies …Making a World of Difference.  

I believe that by aligning to nature, paying attention to spirit, intuitive guidance and offering love we empower our journey to clarity and power.

My vision is that our clients desire to embrace their strength and silent power by being their higher selves, achieve success, enjoy personal happiness and create their own paths. I love to help people. My values are easy to understand concepts, learn through playfulness, joy and connection. I can help people achieve financial, spiritual, emotional and relational success in their lives and business.

By tuning into their intuition, clients are guided to align their career, health, relationships, life purpose and feel joy and peace. In individual counseling sessions and a 2 month “Silent Confidence” program, we look at food, environment, emotions, mental state and through meditation how to connect with their higher selves and receive inner guidance.

We work together in 5 steps:

  • Clean food & healthy body
  • Clear environment & sacred space
  • Understanding emotions
  • Clear mind
  • Meditation to receive spiritual guidance

I can help people connect with their intuitive guidance, achieve success and live in happiness and peace. 

 “This is how you can take your business success and personal happiness to the next level by being guided by your higher self, using your intellect and your intuition.”

  • Make clear & successful decisions
  • Increase fulfillment in your career
  • Connect on a new level with your colleagues

TOP Results:

  • Clear Vision and Easy Concentration
  • Successful Decisions
  • Improved Health and Vitality
  • Released Emotions (fear, anxiety…) and Being In Control
  • Increased Happiness, Playfulness and Peace
  • Increased Productivity and Time Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Ability to Evaluate a Company, Market and Stocks
  • Ability to Recognize The Best Possible Opportunities
  • Gained Spiritual Guidance and Trust

Topics with New Edge:

    • Healthy Diet
    • Clean Workspace
    • Mental & Emotional Clarity
    • Silent Power & Intuition
    • Constructive Communication
    • Decision-Making
    • Time Management
    • and more