“Simona has been an incredible asset for my spiritual and business growth. Following a year-long recovery after a very serious surgery, I found myself in a position of doubt about the future of my career and incredibly disconnected form my soul essence. A friend on mine introduced me to Simona and we started working together on a consistent basis, helping me tap into my inner wisdom through meditation, healing, and other practices. Her guidance and energy has been so incredibly important in the development of new incredible opportunities I have now in my career, love life, and especially in my spiritual growth. I highly recommend to work with Simona to help strategize with your next move in life.” NVB, Advertising

“As a seeker of spiritual and emotional growth, I have met with and worked with many therapists and consultants. Many have given me tools and perspectives that have been useful but not a single one has been more powerful and applicable than those that Simona gave me. Her approach and personal care is transformative and immediately applicable. I urge anyone to work with her, because she gets results and ongoing growth.” Max Lenderman, MarketingExecutive

“I came to Simona for some guidance, healing my body, as well as being able to tap into my intuition to know the next steps and a clear path forward that I need to take for my purpose and my mission, which includes stabilizing my home life and my business and expanding from there. She really knew exactly how to take me into a state where I can trust my own guidance…and be in my true essence which is joy, love, infinite possibility, and magic…I just feel that it was able to help me get really deep into my cells and the depths of my being that I am supported and that I can trust that I can truly give my gifts and I will be supported, valued, seen, and not taken advantage of. I got very clear about next steps or visions about how I want to be running my business and my mission.” Heidi Cuppari, CEO, AnastasiaFinance

“Simona is magic. She has an ability to connect to your deepest emotions and help you to discover your own ability to connect with spirit. She offers a healing energy and seems to have a direct connection to the unseen world. Her empathy and caring heart, coupled with her abilities to bring guides and ancestors to your side, is very unusual and deeply healing. Simona has helped to reveal answers to some of my most uncomfortable questions. She has taken me into deep meditative states where I too can feel connected to spirit. With Simona’s guidance and ceremony, I have learned, grown, and healed.” Summer Lenderman, Event Producer

“Your events are transformational.” Jeff

“Your wisdom comes from such a pure place that I completely trust you. I have been meditating totally differently since our session and I’ve been noticing major shifts in my life.” Amani Friend Desert Dwellers

“Boulder’s Ecstatic Dance is my monthly reset. Simona creates a joyful and powerful space where it’s easy to just let go and dance! Every time I leave the dance, I do so with peace in my heart and joy for my next step in life.” Almina Hodek

“I have observed a lot about myself in regards to my past life reading and how it applies to this lifetime… I am very grateful for the information you provided me.” Tim Edens

“Your guided meditation shifted my whole day around and now I see clearly and am focused.” HC

“My journey with Simona was extraordinary. She is a gifted guide who can take you to places within your heart that you never knew existed. She opened me up to my belief in the unseen and cultured a deeper love for all of life within me. I, again, remember where I come from and who I am.” Julie, Consultant

“Dancing to Simona’s musical guidance is like tapping into the mystical vortex of pure energy and truth. Her musical choices create a personal journey through the deep complexities & challenges of being human.” CJ

“Simona helped me unlock places that I was unable to truly see and helped me remember who I am, my deeper self. She brought awareness to my life path.” Kathryn, Physical Therapist

“Thank you, Simona! You have brought me to my beloved guardian, protector and power center on this island, Bali. No amount of sharing about my experience or describing our walk through the beautiful rice fields will give people what is possible with this nature walk. Much like Burning Man, it’s an experience that you must dive into to really get. I was led through a grounding meditation that literally lowered my voice by an octave. At the end of the meditation I was incredibly grounded and feeling completely solid. The meditation/nature walk you are providing is an achingly intimate pathway to core connectivity. It’s a sacred walk back to the source of your power and your love. You lead it with such tenderness and compassion.” Kela, Holistic Consultant

“All I could hear is Simona’s tone of voice and her patience. I didn’t feel rushed. I felt supported and loved. What better quality can one ask for in another person? In person, Simona is like a spark of fire. She can hold a sacred space even for people not used to such a thing.” Jana, Professional Designer

“I loved Simona’s workshop! I learned so much. Simona has a lot of knowledge on healing, clairvoyance, the native ways, and she passed it on to us. It was a very beautiful experience and very healing. I also loved the way she treated all of us.  She is  a lovely person. I felt so comfortable and safe around her as she has  a very strong connection to spirit. She moved with the rhythm of the universe going with the flow not pushing things.
Her strong believe in spirit is so inspiring! Her workshop inspired me to do healing regularly on myself and believe it more. In the past I did not quite believe that, but this time I really felt it. I feel very fortunate to have met her and I can’t wait for her another workshop. I highly recommend Simona to anyone!”
 Esperansa, Teacher

I have been receiving regular sessions from Simona and I have experienced amazing openings in my life. She has a beautiful presence and ability to gently nurture my soul and provide clarity with relationship issues. She has inspired me to connect with my purpose and heart calling.” Rachel, Business Owner from New Zealand

“When I first heard of energy healing, I was a skeptic. I was certain surgery was the only answer for my damaged ACL. After working with Simona, I felt so much better that I cancelled my procedure. I have full motion in my knee and feel as good as new. I can dance now again.” Deb, Business Consultant

“Simona helped me see clearly what my next step is and empowered my self-confidence to be me in the world. She has a graceful and supportive way of accessing divine energy and sharing it in her session.” Regina, Visionary Guide

“If you find yourself inquiring about the healing services of Simona Musilkova, you can assure yourself that the cosmos is leading you toward the path to health.

 Simona uses the most powerful force in the universe, “YOU” , to cure your ailment. Her extensive education coupled with her own personal experience are the foundations of her practice.  Simona works at your speed, leading you through the visualizations and meditations that free your mind of its limitations and allow your body to heal itself.

 Simona’s greatest quality is that she is the all important exterior observer, whose refined perspective provides the feedback loop you need to allow the healing to occur. She can read your energy and make concise recommendations on how to focus your energy in the most effective manner for the maximum healing benefit.

When I came to Simona I had been struggling with a knee injury for 3 months.  While the knee had some improvement during that time I was still in continuous pain.  I worked with Simona for a little over an hour where I learned the principles of her practice.  After four days of working with the principles, my injured knee felt better than my healthy knee.  Accordingly, I started using the tools on my healthy knee because I then realized what I thought was a healthy knee could become even healthier.

 You can use these methods not only in health, but in other areas of life where the limitations of your mind prevent you from attaining a greater life experience.

I give full credit to Simona and recommend her to anyone that is open to greater health.” Matt,Business Owner

Client Case Study:
Before: Panic attacks since childhood, feelings of fear, a relationship issues of inequality in a loving partnership, unable to work, and being stuck in business for the past year.
Panic attacks 90% cured, relationship is now healed, and brought large clients to negotiate a working contract to create amazing things in the world.

If you are interested in my services, feel free to email me at Simona@SimonaMusilkova.com